Some people aren't aware of what they are like. People will get really angry, but later downplay it and say they weren't really that angry. Often they aren't consciously lying but genuinely remember it that way. They underestimate their temper.

Some people feel emotionally compelled to do something, but don't question or examine it very much. If it's a mistake, then they won't find out. If it's causing problems for their family, they might not realize it and blame something else. Even if it's damaging their own life, it's pretty common not to understand what's going on. For example, a lot of alcoholics don't realize the effect it's having. And sometimes smokers (or Starbucks fans) don't realize how much their habit is contributing to their financial problems.

The lesson here is that we aren't automatically aware of everything we should know about our life. Even highly aware people won't know everything.