Let's concisely sum up what we're talking about now. What's the point? FYI I'm going to use a few jargon words, but don't worry because I'll explain them all soon.

Epistemology tells us that people are fallible. That means we make mistakes. And not just when we're a novice or we're unsure; people make mistakes at everything fairly often. That includes making mistakes at the task of recognizing or noticing mistakes we've made.

Mistakes can do harm, and mistakes are opportunities for improvement. We should aim to correct our mistakes in order to improve our lives. What we definitely don't want to do is repeat mistakes over and over again for our entire lives.

What we therefore need is skill at error correction, or in other words the ability to find and correct mistakes. In order to correct errors well, we need three main tools. The first is called reason and consists of the known techniques for error correction. The second is the ability to learn new things well, or in other words the ability to create knowledge. And thirdly we need the ability to change our minds in a lasting and effective way, so that if we have a new idea that would be an improvement we can actually do it.

That's what this website is about. It's about correcting mistakes instead of repeating them.