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Are you regularly doing time tracking? And is your time usage similar to what you want it to be?

All my days are the same. I have a routine. As time has passed ( in the last 8 months), I have made my routine more efficient. I now know where my time goes every day. If there's something that was not on the schedule, I note it in my daily journal. I also have spreadsheets where I note all the activities I have to do in the day, each night before going to bed I put a checkmark if I accomplished it. It used to be more useful because I used to waste a lot of time and it kept me accountable.  Now it is more like a reminder that I'm being constant.
I eat every day at the same time and this makes it easier to work because, as I have gotten used to the schedule, I don't think about food while working. 

I am nowhere near where I want in terms of the efficient use of time. But compared to a few months ago I barely waste minutes. Keeping my times tied to the changing of hours makes it easier to measure where I'm being negligent and where I'm doing ok. 
Anne B
Yes. I keep a spreadsheet of learning activities and how much time I spend on each for each day. It gives me daily and weekly totals. I include a brief description of what I did, where applicable, and whether/where I posted something publicly. I also use the spreadsheet to keep track of my exercise and some other non-learning activities.

My time usage is within the ballpark of where I want it to be. I do at least an hour a day of learning activities, usually between one and three hours. I like being able to see, over time, how much time I'm spending on different learning activities.