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😊 Ambitious Goals

Replying to heroLFG (Gavin Palmer) heroLFG  from Introductions - FI Learning

My ambitious goal is something like “help create a future where all people have access to an abundance of clean water without forcing anyone to do things they don’t want to do”.

That goal is so ambitious it might as well be maximizing squirrels. The specifics of the goal make ~no difference to what actions to take now. Or put another way, due to convergence, the actions to take for this goal are the same as for many, many other highly ambitious goals. See:

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heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I had never encountered this idea of maximizing squirrels. Thank you for sharing.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I see the water goal as not really about clean water. That's not the hard part. The hard part is organizing society, on a global level, to be economically productive as well as broadly voluntary (cuz you said no force, and it's going to be unrealistic to achieve that as a special case about water, without making most of society work that way). You mention cooperation between people in your post, which is similar to voluntary interaction and is hard.

You also mentioned world peace. I'm not sure why the topic changed from the water goal to peace, but I don't think it makes much difference. Both require major political and moral improvements. And I don't think those will happen in global, thorough ways without major improvements to education, epistemology, logic, debate ... stuff like Paths Forward, YesNo, and non-coercive parenting & education.

People won't be able to agree on what politics, government and economics are a good idea without being better educated, better at thinking about arguments, etc. So it becomes kinda a "make everything way better" goal, like maximizing squirrels. (Which isn't a bad thing, but it's so far off and can only be worked on indirectly, so one needs multiple layers of intermediate sub-goals. It doesn't provide enough guidance, direction or motivation on its own to do accessible next steps.)
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
My ambitious future goal provides motivation and direction for me.  And I think many people do not take their personal learning and growth seriously because they are missing a good reason to do so.

Some goals (future goals and sub-goals) are better than other goals when you care about timelines/deadlines/efficiency/performance.

I think a bad goal:
  • fails to provide the individual with a good reason to learn and grow
  • ignores "then, there, and them"
I think a good goal:
  • motivates the individual to learn and grow
  • motivates the individual to care about "then, there, and them"
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I don't think a world peace goal (or universal, voluntary clean water) provides direction. Imagine 100 people who have that goal independently. What would they do? I can imagine them going in 100 different directions for how they approach it. The goal isn't specific enough to determine what direction to go in.

I'd guess you're getting direction from some more-specific sub-goals that some other people with a world peace goal would disagree with.
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer) 👀
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
What does the eyes reaction mean here?
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I read your post and I am thinking before I respond directly.
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I guess I could have done the thinking face reaction.