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[Dface] How to kill the first boss of Dark Souls 3

How to kill Ludex Gundyr the 1st boss of Dark Souls 3:
•Make your way behind Gundyr's back 
•Stay there no matter what
•Dodge his attacks while staying behind him
•Beat him up and always have extra stamina 
•His second phase is actually easier just stay behind him no matter what and beat him up
•Heal yourself only when he's not doing any attacks
•Kill the first boss of Dark Souls 3! 
Elliot, Fallible Ideas 👍

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Elliot, Fallible Ideas
you could take one step from this list and try treating it as a topic/project itself, and give the steps and details for it.
Dface Ok!
How to stay behind Ludex Gundyr no matter what:
•Lock on the boss so he doesn't go off screen

•Take the sword out of his chest and strafe left or right to make your way to his back and stay there

•Most of his attacks will be lengthy pokes or large sweeps with a spear. Just strafe out of his attack range or dodge in the opposite direction of his sweeps while remaining at his back

•His second phase is easier, because he doesn't use his spear anymore and you only have to watch out for a long air to ground slam.

•Just get some distance when he jumps and stay behind him

•Since the jump attack will make the boss face your initial postion just go to where his back will be

•Stay behind him til he dies!
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
next you could try zooming out. what is a less detailed project which includes the "How to kill Ludex Gundyr the 1st boss of Dark Souls 3" project as one part?
How to beat the first lord of cinder in dark souls 3:
•Beat Ludex Gundyr the first boss of the game
•Go to Lothric Castle and defeat the next boss to clear the path
•Traverse the next 4 areas to get to a swampy looking level
•Light 4 fires to open the door to the first lord of cinder
•Beat him up and win
Elliot, Fallible Ideas 👍