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[Dface] Trees and Analyzing Paragraphs

Im going to analyze paragraphs here.

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Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I don't think categorizing verbs into two types explains their importance (middle node on bottom).
Oh yeah i dont think bottom middle node explains its parent node either. Bottom middle node shows the two kinds of verbs. Idk how it supports its parent node though
Tree for FI Grammar Article:
Judgement Methods:
Person with not much experience on trees: Top node that you edited can be shorter idk why you take two sentences to say one thing.
Me: Yeah, I was free writing and didnt want to change or edit that parent node cuz I wanted to move on.
I want reword like this:"This is the parent node cuz it's the topic sentence." I think thatll be better cuz topic sentence is what the paragraph is about.

Person with not much experience with trees:
Do you know why the two lower left nodes are ok as an analysis of the paragraph?

Me: I think I do. Im not analyzing much and im just describing in a few words what each node does to its parent node.

Person with not much experience: Could you say what you wrote in those nodes is 100% correct?

Me: Almost, I forgot what specific means. I think I should look up words I don't know next time. I don't have to look up the words right as I make the trees cuz it'll just add to the time I make my trees. I can add corrections afterwards.