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Election Integrity

I called my Congressman Mo Brooks on January 25, 2021 and requested a meeting about Election Integrity.  I was told that Congressman Brooks tries to speak with people from my area once per month, and my information was forwarded to his Deputy Chief of Staff for scheduling.

I followed up on February 4, 2021.

I followed up on March 3, 2021.

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heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I think I made a mistake by notifying everyone with this original post.  I am hoping that this comment will not notify everyone.

I also reached out to Dr. Freeman at to offer help.  I did not receive a response.  I wonder if the contact form is working.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Politics is awful. I don’t think your expectations about representation match reality
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer) 👌
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I received a phone call yesterday from Congressman Brook's office.  She left a message saying Congressman Brook's is available to speak tomorrow.  I will call her back this morning and schedule a meeting.

My goal is to get in touch with President Donald Trump or anyone else and help improve our election system.  Some ideas:
  • help prosecute people who did illegal activities (like the people on film in Georgia)
  • help change laws to prevent illegal activities:
    • voter id laws
    • up to date voter registry
    • required surveillance tech for full chain of custody
    • processes for sending and receiving ballots
    • processes to count ballots
    • give voters option to risk their identity being known
Justin Mallone
FYI it may be easier to get in touch with more local level people like i dunno a county election board or something, and you can have some impact there. Even a Congressman is already pretty high up on the food chain to get much meaningful action or interaction from them in general, forget about President.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
You haven't planned this as an organized project.

You don't have clear goals, resources, a model of how this stuff works, a clear idea of what changes to make and how to make them, etc.

The kinds of changes you want require lots of understanding of the system and how to affect it, and generally require lots of resources too. Plenty of people spend millions of dollars with little effect.

Also, you haven't done much to figure out what the right changes are. There are issues both of which changes would be good at all, as well as which should be prioritized. You have not thoroughly explored that and done your best to get criticism about it. You haven't had hundreds of political discussions and developed sophisticated criteria for when you're done learning about and debating an issue. So even if you caused some political change, there is no reason to expect it would make things significantly better.

All of these things about how to approach a project need to be learned and practiced using much simpler projects first (to reduce how many things you have to deal with and learn about at once, and let you focus better), which is what I've been encouraging people here to work on. I hope you'll get involved with that.
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer) 🤔
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I spoke with Congressman Brooks.

One of my goals which is related to this phone call is to practice remaining cool, calm, and collected while speaking with strangers and collecting information.  I have worked my way up to being able to call my Congressman.  My heart rate is currently about 80 bpm and my resting heart rate is close to 62 bpm.  I don't have the data, but I feel like my heart rate is much lower now than it has been in other similar situations.

When I asked "Are you or people you know doing anything about election integrity for future elections?" and he responded about HR 1.  He said it passed the house and is moving to the senate.  He said I could learn more about it at the Heritage Foundation.

I asked two questions which he was not able to answer.

Congressman Brooks recommended getting in touch with state level representatives who are trying to do things like pass voter id laws.