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📢 End of Basecamp

I've set up a new forum:

The price is a one-time $20 to post (reading posts is free).

Discussion should move there now. Thanks.

Comments & Events

One time only? I thought it would be a monthly thing and was planning on asking for scholarship. One time 20 very in my budget.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
i changed my plans and decided to just make it easy for ppl, but also not obligate myself to produce content.
Would your plan change if you found 100 people who are ready to subscribe monthly at 20 dollars to a plan you offered which is some combination of philosophy content + consulting?
You already do that so I guess a paid subscription would mean more time commitment to those paid subscribers.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
i'd consider it (with no guaranteed individual, personalized consulting), but 2k/mo is pretty low to do a lot of work for.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Related (just did this):

I removed all perks on SubscribeStar. If you want something specific you can ask me. Otherwise I’ll just treat subscriptions as donations to support my work. Thanks.

Keep in mind that I’m not charging a recurring subscription fee for the CF forum, nor to access the vast majority of my articles and videos. I do appreciate being paid for my work; it’s just not mandatory.

I no longer plan to share exploratory writing and drafts with subscribers. I’ll just send drafts to specific individuals whose feedback I want. For exploratory writing, I’ll probably post it on the CF forum if I want to share it. 
Anne B
I'm wondering what to do with ongoing message threads here that I want to keep commenting on. Start new threads on the new forum and link back to the threads here? But Basecamp url's won't be accessible to people on the new forum who aren't on Basecamp, right? So I should quote what's needed for context.
2k is indeed low. 1000 fans gets to a better figure then. Do you have plans to build those 1000 or just let it organically grow? Do your plans of how much work you decide to put in change as the number grows or will it be discrete jumps? Like when YouTubers quit their job when they start making more money from YouTube than they did from their job.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I've been doing organic growth for a long time. I don't expect much to change.