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I fear I'm starting another hit and run discussion so apologies in advance. (I am interested in advice on how to not improve my ability to not have hit and run dis)

I just watched this video. I really liked production quality of this video and it was fascinating to watch. He informs that McDonald's has been in partnership with a company named Taylor. Taylor makes ice cream machines. Taylor made their machine easy to stop working and really hard to repair by anyone other than people who work for Taylor. They enforce this using contracts as well which has some form of penalization if third party repairs are performed. Taylor does that so they can charge lots of money to McDonald's store owners for repair. This makes 25% of Taylor's income stream.

I see this as a problem. I don't have a good guess about what causes this situation to persist. My current guess is monopoly. I don't agree with the leftist position of govt. or any other authority intervention. I don't understand how this situation improves, how free market solves it.

It also reminds me another related video I watched recently. It talks about planned obsolescence. I love Apple products but they are hard to repair. Apple business models leads to functioning tech end in trash. Not making Airpods battery replaceable for ex.

How do these situations improve? Is the current free market model capable of solving such problems?

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Sorry I don't understand the grammar.

This is my guess: The intention for making that video was to get extra clicks on that article?
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
no, the video is trying to leech attention. it's trying to piggyback off the attention for the topic the article brought.

they did not make the video b/c they care about this issue or were researching it or whatever. they rushed to make the video when they saw the article and thought they could get views by covering the same thing.
ok. Does the article mentions the original guys? Do they actually care about an issue? Does their issue have a point?
I hadn't watched the full video yet. Just finished it. The video mentions the original guys. Kytch is the name of the company who makes a diagnostic tool based on Taylor service manual which is only available to their servicemen.