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I began using idea trees

Months ago I decided to not try to do idea trees because I felt like learning to do so would take too much time.  I decided to learn them once I got comfortable with normal writing.

Last week I began using them for coding challenges. I can't fully self-evaluate if I use them the right way, but so far they have been very helpful in at least making me think of the steps to solve a challenge. 

I think that I don't branch enough, I just go downwards naming the steps or asking questions. Sometimes I already know the answer but write the q anyway to get me used to break my thinking process into small parts, and some questions I do have to stop and think. 
Because solving challenges and learning idea trees are big enough projects, I went back and began doing challenges with IT 3 levels down my then-current level.  I liked the idea of having to break even the most basic challenge into small parts.
 Right now I'm beginning to use them in other areas. 
Today I used them to make a plan of how I would move forward with a  course I just bought and to take some notes on one of the subjects. 
My next move is to watch the internet rules first videos again. I'll use the trees to take notes on them.

Here's just a few of them, I have done  20+.

Elliot, Fallible Ideas Cool