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[internet] Small Projects

this is a place where i will write in the comments when i do small projects.

if i have small goals i will also put them in the comments here

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GOAL:  do 1 small project today AND tomorrow 

ok so today i need to do a small project.

i count small projects as things that are like: make cereal, drink water, go outside, press the letter E.
PROJECT: wash hands.

  1. goto a sink with soap
  2. turn on water
  3. wet hands
  4. put soap on hands
  5. rub hands together (you can go into a lot of detail on this one)
  6. rinse off soap
  7. turn off water
  8. dry hands
ok that was a small project. so that is 1/2 small projects that i need to do for my goal! halfway there! i just need to do one more tomorrow 
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
was the project to do the hand washing or to write about it or both?
to write about it.
i also then washed my hands after i posted the message to see if i got the steps right, but i did that after i completed the project
i sometimes get intimidated from doing a project cuz im not sure what project i could do. so today my project will be make a list of projects i can do! that way i wont have to worry about thinking about what project to do for at least a few days!

make a list of potential small projects that i could do in the future. this will be good cuz i wont need to worry about coming up with a project, i can just choose one on the list

1. Press the letter "E".

im not so sure about this project. it seems like it might be to easy. it might have to few parts. maybe i could zoom in and out of it, so it might be really good to use for other projects cuz of how small and easy it is.

2. Prepare to go for a walk

going for a walk has a lot of stuff in it, so separating "Prepare to go for a walk" from "Go for a walk" would make it easier. oh hey "Prepare to go for a walk" is a sub step of going for a walk i think.

3. try to think of a really big super complex project, and make it into a few simple steps. E.g: Apollo program could be summed up into like: 1. get lots of money 2. hire science and engineer ppl 3. build rocket 4. send ppl to moon.

taking something with a lot of steps in it, and trying to simplify it to be a small amount of steps helps me not be intimidated by them, and helps me think of more project examples i could try.

a bad part about trying to figure out what are some of the steps in a big thing is: i cant practice them as easily. i can easily practice the steps in washing my hands or preparing to go for a walk, but its harder to practice the steps for the apollo program.

4. jump

5. do a pushup

6. pick something up

7. read like 5 words from a book

8. send an I message to your slef

9. go to sleep

10. replace batteries in flashlight
ok i completed the project of making a list of projects i could do!

for the first 3 entries i tried to think about them more, but then the entries after that were so i would have things to pick later if i needed a project.
 GOAL:  do 1 small project today AND tomorrow  

ok i succeeded at that! yay! technically its past midnight, but i generally count days as the periods i am awake between when i sleep.

ok so im gonna commit to another goal, its gonna be a bit more ambitious, instead of 2 days in a row of doing a small project, its going to be 3 days in a row!

GOAL: do 1 small project on MAR 24, MAR 25, MAR 26.
im about to go to sleep so i guess il use the topic go to sleep

Project: write the steps of going to sleep 

  1. brush teeth
  2. prepare water with icecubes (so i can drink in the middle of night if im thirsty)
  3. move chair close to desk
  4. turn off computer
  5. clear the floor
  6. put blanket on floor (im trying out floor sleeping instead of bed sleeping)
  7. put 3 blankets on top of the floor blanket
  8. put pillow at the head of the floor blanket
  9. plug in phone and headphones

ok i think i completed 1/3 goals for my commitment. i should have done this earlier, i think im gonna try setting an alarm for 5PM or something, im gonna try to do a basecamp post before 5PM.
ok im gonna do the project: 10. replace batteries in flashlight 

Project: write the steps to replace batteries in flashlight, my flashlight's batteries are dead, so im gonna write what i need to do.

  1. take batteries out of flashlight
  2. see what kind of batteries they are
  3. go to amazon and order the right type of batteries
  4. put new batteries into flashlight

huh this one was kind of short. im still gonna count it tho, and i think im gonna do more basecamp today.

so im at 2/3 on my commitment goal
i didnt do basecamp earlier. i wanted until right before i was gonna go to bed again. that seems bad

 6. pick something up 

Project: write the steps for picking something up

  1. look at the thing
  2. move your hand to the thing
  3. grab the thing
  4. lift the thing.
ok i think that was 3/3 on my commitment. 2 of the projects i did were prertty easy. i should think about this tomoroow.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
i think it's good that you're noticing more about what's going on. gl
 ok i think that was 3/3 on my commitment. 2 of the projects i did were prertty easy. i should think about this tomoroow. 

i did not think about it the day after i wrote this message