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Karate Project

This is about my overall karate-improvement project. I figuring out how to organize it better so that it’s easily doable for me and also effective and efficient.

This project is important to me. I’ve been working on it for a year now. I want to make changes to make my practice more effective. See the last post from 21 March 2021 in this thread for some history. 

It’s a big project. I want to build it up from small, easy individual parts. I’m thinking about how to do each individual part and also how to organize the individual parts to make the whole project.

  • To un-learn and re-learn individual moves and individual moves within forms. (A form is a series of moves performed in order. I pretty much know the sequence of moves for each form. But in each form, there are many moves that I want to learn to do a different way.)
  • To learn the Korean words and spelling for many things.
  • For forms, to learn the number of moves and counts, which moves are grouped into counts, how long the form is supposed to take, and what level it’s taught at.

For each thing that I want to learn:
  • Identify that it’s a thing I want to learn. I need to judge if a piece is small enough. For example, is a side kick one thing, or is kicking with the blade of the foot for a side kick one thing? I think one thing could be a single move and involve remembering a small number of things about that single move. 
  • If necessary, practice that thing until I can do it well enough.
  • Practice it every day for a while to remember it.
  • Practice doing different variations of it in different contexts.
  • Gradually taper the frequency of practice.
  • At some point when I’ve tapered quite a bit, test to see if I’ve remembered it.

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Anne B
Now I’m thinking about how to organize the project. What do I actually do each day? It’s sort of a question of how to tie the two trees together.
I was unaware of Korean karate before reading your tree. What karate style do you practice, Anne?
Anne B
Tang Soo Do.
Ok. I’ll look it up. I used to do Kyokushinkai.