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Lambda School + Truckers Make 90k!

Interesting article about Lambda School. They teach coding and you pay with an income-sharing agreement (with fairly small/reasonable payback max limits and only if you get a well-paying coding job), not tuition. Article says how they teach people social class stuff with examples, not just coding. It's partly like a finishing school. Also article has some criticism of universities and of politicians – it mentions something like 90% of congress is from 6 schools and they make laws to fit their own social class and approach to life.

It mentions long haul truckers are in high demand right now and can get paid 90k/year after 3 weeks of training. Reading that I thought of Dface Dface who said in the introductions topic that he quit school and is working at McDonalds but wants a better job. I don't know if he knows how to drive (or is American – I figure it's similar in some other countries but not all) but if so maybe he should take a look at trucking (or at lambda school –  Farouk Farouk too). Warning: trucking is hard in some ways (like being away from home overnight and i've read stuff about having to falsify driving logs to meet safety standards, while actually driving more to meet distance expectations) and the article mentions it has significant turnover of people leaving the job due to the difficulties. Pays a lot more than fast food or basic retail jobs though.

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Some other issues with trucking: truckers have high rates of workplace injuries; they have high rates of PTSD (from being involved in accidents, in which they often cause serious injury & death, even if it wasn't their fault. E.g. during massive highway pile ups on icy roads, the trucks cause huge damage, and truckers often feel guilt over that, even if they didn't do anything wrong); they have to spend long periods of time sitting and can't easily take short breaks to get up and walk around (which makes it worse than a desk job for that); they have to eat quick meals on the road (they don't have time to get nice restaurant meals & can't fit through drive thrus, so they often just eat gas station food); they don't have time (or a place) to shower every day (and often have to pay to shower); when they do something wrong, there is potential to cause major issues (injuries, deaths, or property damage. E.g., a truck driver in Canada ran a stop sign and hit a bus carrying a hockey team, killing 16 people).

This isn't to say no one should be a trucker. But anyone considering it should be aware of the downsides. There are also lots of upsides and things people like about it. Tiktok has a lot of content from truckers talking about & showing their jobs, e.g., this:
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I was surprised by 90k starting salary after 3 weeks of training. That means you can do it for a year or two and save some money and have less exposure to the downsides. Being mostly your own boss for a couple years instead of working retail or restaurants kinda stuff has a lot of benefits too so you get more experience being more independent. And it's also a lot easier to avoid paying any or much rent without imposing too much on parents or friends if you're not home much due to trucking. That works best with younger people temporarily though, and less well when you're older and want your own home with a family who you want to spend time with. Also spending some time alone by yourself, and doing some traveling, often benefits people, especially when young.

There are also benefits to getting some exposure to manufacturing and how the economy works and a little bit of a glimpse of how much stuff is produced at factories, as well as how big the country is.

I think a lot of people incorrectly avoid this and many other jobs because it's not middle class culturally. And it's seen as a career in a way temporary jobs like working at a movie theater isn't, but 3 weeks training is short and you don't have to make it your long term career.
I looked at Lambda school. I saw some of the details and thought it sounded cool. I stopped midway through the application process though. I think I need to research more on it like if the courses are fair and if the instructors are ok.

The trucking job sounds cooler to me cuz of the 3 weeks of training. It doesn't sound difficult. It might be intense though
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Ya they’d both need research before actually doing. You may be able to find ppls stories who did it on blogs, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit 
Ok that sounds good
Long ago I researched lambda too. It does not work for international students. Right now I'm about to enroll in an online  Bootcamp.