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🛠 Learning Grammar Project

My goal is to master the concepts that ET explains here:

I would like to share my notes from my first reading.  Did I capture the key ideas?  Any feedback is appreciated.


Two kinds of sentences
     simple - action sentence or linking sentence
     complex - multiple simple sentences joined together

4 steps to analyze a simple sentence

1 - Find the verb

 can be an action or linking verb
 tells us what is happening in the sentence

2 - find the subject
subject is the noun that does the action or has the link
      -nouns are things 
Subject is normally to the left of verbs (John hit Fred)

3 - find the object or complement

action sentences can have a direct object
      the subject does an action to an object
      In John hit Fred the object is Fred
linking sentences must have a “subject complement”
     the complement is required because it’s a completer (can’t have incomplete thoughts) the complement can be a noun or an adjective
     (adjectives are explained in step 4) 

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