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Justin Mallone
Steps for reheating previously cooked food in the microwave
  1. Remove food container with food from fridge or freezer
  2. Decide whether I want to reheat the food in its current container or on/in something else. This will depend on things like whether I want only a portion of the food or the whole food, and the suitability of the current container for reheating. Transfer food to new container/plate if necessary.
  3. Decide whether additional toppings (e.g. cheese) should be placed on the food and place additional toppings if desired.
  4. Ensure that the food is properly ventilated or covered, as necessary. (If I'm heating up something in a rubbermaid brilliance container, this will involve ensuring that the lid is in the "ventilated" position; if I'm heating up some saucy pasta in a bowl, this will ensure that the bowl is covered with something to prevent sauce splatter).
  5. Insert food into microwave.
  6. Decide the level of power appropriate for the reheating, and hit the Power Level button until the display shows the intended power level.
  7. Enter the desired time and hit start.
  8. Remove the food when the microwave beeps and enjoy 👍
Justin Mallone
Arm/hand stretch steps:

1. Extend arm out in front. 
2. Bend wrist up so that top of hand is facing you and fingers are pointed up at ceiling.
3. Slowly and gently bend wrist further back towards you, using the other hand to do this if necessary, until a nice stretch is felt. Don't bend to the point of feeling pain!
4. Optionally, while bending wrist back, turn wrist slightly to the left and right for additional stretching.