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Project steps: putting gas in your car

Steps for putting gas in your car:
  • When the gas in your car starts getting low, think about when and where it'll be convenient for you to get gas before it gets too low. Take price or quality or brand or attached convenience store or clean bathrooms into account if those are important to you.
  • When you get to the gas station, pick a short line that has the tank on the correct side for your car.
  • When it's your turn, position your car so the hose will easily reach your tank and so you can easily access the hose and the payment center.
  • Turn off the car.
  • Pull the lever that opens the door to the gas tank.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Swipe/dip your credit card in the machine. You may need to type in your zip code and/or answer other questions on the screen.
  • Push the button to choose what grade of gas you want. 
  • Unscrew the gas cap on the car.
  • Put the nozzle into the opening of the car's gas tank.
  • Squeeze the handle to start the gas flowing.
  • When the tank is full, the flow will shut off. At that point, remove the nozzle from the car and put it back in its resting place.
  • Screw the gas cap back on. Tighten it until it clicks a few times.
  • Close the door to the gas cap area.
  • Look at the screen for any further instructions. You may have to indicate whether or not you want a receipt.
  • Take the receipt, if you chose to receive one. 
  • Get back in the car and drive away.

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Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Can u make one topic for your project step things
Anne B
One thing to consider when you are writing these is if you are trying to write out the steps that you use yourself, or trying to write something that applies more generally to people. I think for the actual project, you should be trying to write out the steps to activities you actually do – the point is to think through things you are already doing, and figure out how to break them down into steps. 

Another thing you can do with these is figure out how you could zoom in or zoom out the level of detail. Could you make the list a lot shorter/simpler? Could you take just one item from the list, and break *that* down into its own list? 
Anne B 👍