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Small projects

Elliot wrote:

You're not listening to my advice and it's ambiguous how purposeful that is.

I suggested smaller projects, achieving many clear successes, and gaining experience with successful projects. You're now planning to do an even bigger, harder project. You're not trying to build up to it as I advised. You aren't going step by step starting with small things.

If you want to take my advice, you could start by doing 50 1-minute projects (the project time does not include project planning and organization time). But before that I think you should write down the steps from a bunch of things, as I suggested, since that's an easier, smaller thing to learn. You did that for one thing and then just stopped doing it without explanation, so you didn't develop that skill.

Here’s what I think your current advice to me is:
  1. First, write down the steps to at least 20 things (like the washing the dishes steps).
  2. Then, do 50 one-minute projects.

Some questions and comments:
  • Do you suggest I post all of the 20 sets of steps?
  • #2 looks difficult. I can’t currently think of any projects that take under one minute. Maybe I’ll be able to think of a few after a while. And maybe those few will give me ideas for more.
  • Do you suggest I write up project plans for the 50 one-minute projects? Before or after I do them? If yes, do you suggest I post them?
  • Should the one-minute projects be linked to each other in some way? Or can they be unrelated?
  • Should I follow this advice even though it’s not obvious to me that it will help me get better at learning? It seems like it might help me get better at learning, or it might not. I am willing to do it and see what happens. But you might suggest I not do it if I don’t understand how/if it’ll help me. 
  • The instructions are clear. The numbers are concrete. I like that.
  • I also like that I think I can do the first part.
  • I currently feel overwhelmed by the amount of advice you give us. I don’t have good methods for choosing which of it to follow.

Comments & Events

Anne B
If you want to take my advice, you could start by doing 50 1-minute projects (the project time does not include project planning and organization time). 

Could a one-minute project be practicing one thing, concentrating on making one particular aspect about it better? Or would that not work unless you have a way to measure if you actually improved at that aspect?
Anne B
I think a one-minute project could be looking something up that you come across and don't know the meaning of. Like when Max wrote about RSI in Discord, I didn't know what that meant so I looked it up.
Anne B
Elliot wrote:

So far, no one has done several short, easy, successful projects, nor talked about why not. Writing short comments is even easier than doing some 1-5min projects. (Another way to make project practice easier is to write down the planning (like goals, steps, resources) shortly after doing it instead of before.)

I'll practice writing down planning after doing a short project, using the one-minute project I just thought of:

Goal: To find out what Max meant by RSI.

Solution: Use a search engine.

Resources: The internet. Search engines. Computer.

  1. Type RSI into Duck Duck Go.
  2. Read first result: Relative Strength Index. That didn't make sense in the sentence Max wrote. So try another result.
  3. Read second result: Roberts Space Industries. That made even less sense. Keep trying.
  4. Read third and fourth results: Relative Strength Index again. Keep trying.
  5. Read fifth result: Repetitive Strain Injury. That makes sense!

Evaluation: Max wrote more later about RSI. It continued to fit the Repetitive Strain Injury definition. I think that's correct. I think the project was successful.
Anne B
I didn't use all the project planning steps from this post in my previous message. I skipped the ones that seemed too hard. I don't know if that was okay. Maybe I was just being lazy or maybe not every step is applicable to every project.
Anne B
This thread is a place where I asked some questions about a project before doing it, as suggested at the end of this post. I didn't get answers to my questions.
Anne B
But I came to this thread to post a different idea:

Maybe I could work on doing short, easy projects (5 minutes or shorter) and reporting on them briefly and informally. I think that should come before doing short, easy projects and then writing out the steps for them, which should come before writing plans for short, easy projects and then doing them.