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Small Projects(f)

I read "internet's" small projects post. I think it's a good idea so I'll do the same. 

Write enough small projects until I can easily write down and succeed at a bigger project like making a website or any other similar project from my web-dev course.

  • Post at least 3 times during the week small projects I do. If I do idea trees for any topic I could also post them.  
  • Read other member's posts to try similar things or learn what not to do. 
  • Be consistent

Comments & Events

First project: finish the idea tree about idea trees.
  1. open x mind
  2. open the idea tree file
  3. go to Eliot's post about idea trees
  4. Click on the idea tree
  5. continue reading
  6. if a node or brach explains very well a topic or I read something I had not thought about,  think about it.
  7. if I conclude that it is important info, write the idea on my own IT.
  8. Upload it on the project post
Small projects to start with: 

  1. Finishing the idea tree, 
  2. Basecamp projects, like writing down a list of projects. 
  3. Geometry Dash: Write down the steps to solve one of the easy levels. This might be more complicated than the others. 
  4. Everyday stuff: 
    • Brush your teeth
    • Wash your hands
    • Start the car
  5. Steps to solve a coding challenge. You can share the idea trees also.
These are in no particular order. Just pick the one that seems easiest and write down a plan for doing it and then your observations of how you did it. The point is to break down projects before you do them, but it can also be good practice to write down how you did something and compare it with the plan. 
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I read some of the idea tree about idea trees. Looks pretty good
How to buy something at the convenience store
  1. Enter
  2. map the store with just a look
  3. look for products similar to yours or any sign that names a section of the store
  4. go there
  5. locate the products
  6. Grab them/it
  7. go to the counter
  8. Give the clerk your product/s
  9. Listen for the total
  10. Take out the money
    1. if cash
      1. take it out
      2. give it to the clerk
      3. receive the change
      4. count it
    2. if card
      1. insert it on the terminal
      2. sign it
      3. take it out
Some thoughts: Even at this I have failed. I have forgotten to buy things or have depended on the clerk's goodwill to give me back extra money I paid. The best way to succeed at this is to pay attention. To do this I have made lists on my phone.
I've been using idea trees much more. Outside my studies in programming I've made idea trees on subjects I learn for pleasure. I want to make this a practice I do with everything, but progressively. I don't want to start noting the books I read because I'm not yet really good at reading or taking notes and it will make it harder and slower(I've tried it before).

My idea is to keep making idea trees of simple things and get used to it. After that, I don't have a plan. I need to think of a concrete learning project. 
I will read other member's projects and plans for inspiration, and to read their criticism. Then I will make a project about researching for ideas for a project.

It may be a good idea to not share every practice tree I do. Better to just share a summary and a list of the ones I've done.  Also, practice recording projects like changing habits or learning simple things(like my course subjects), make trees, and share them. 

Project: Learn how to quote on basecamp. 
Why? Because my current method of quoting is inadequate when having conversations.
Goal: Knowing how to quote on basecamp. 
Criteria for success: Quote a test text.

  1. Press the quotation marks in the text editor.
  2. See what happens. 
    1. a black line appeared where my text bar was
  3. test quoting yourself
  4. Play around to get used to the indentation and pasting quotes
    1. two enters and for removing the quote line

Also, practice recording projects like changing habits or learning simple things(like my course subjects), make trees, and share them. 

Result: Success.

Project. Learn how to analyze a simple sentence. 

Why: I read a suggestion by Justin where he advises taking a statement that caused an emotional reaction and analyze it with a scientific mindset to introspect better. For this, I will break the sentence down, but before that, I need to know how to use an idea tree for breaking down a statement.

Goal: Break down a small statement that caused the emotional reaction and use the conclusion to introspect.  

  1. Watch the tutoring videos where Elliot teaches to break sentences with ITs.
  2. Look for simple sentence analysis on google. 
  3. Take the sentence but don't look at the analysis
  4. Break it down and write your conclusion
  5. Test against the original analysis on the webpage. 
  6. Do this with 10 sentences for a little practice. 
Criteria for success:  Passing 10 tests that I can find online. 

Edit: The analysis won't be grammatical, it will be about the content.

Edit: I did not found  simple statement analysis online. I will practice with my things I've written myself.

Result: Success. 
Small steps project: 
Goal: observe how easy it is to do something. 
Activity: Send a wats message.
  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Turn it on
  3. Log in
  4. Scroll to Wats app
  5. Tap
  6. Scroll to the chat I want to send the message. 
  7. Tap
  8. Write the message
  9. Send.
Result: Success.
Project: Write down 5 small projects and do them. 
Goal: Practice breaking simple things down. 
The projects will be simple things that I do successfully most of the time already. 

  • Drink a glass of water. 
  • Look up in the dictionary every word of a simple quote(1 sentence). 
  • Solve a simple coding challenge and write down the steps.
  • Brainstorm 5 more simple projects to do. 
  • Open coding project 
Result: Success. 
Project: Do 5 small projects.
Goals: practice breaking projects down into small steps.
  • Write the steps for doing a git commit
  • Break down 10 one-sentence quotes with ITs.
  • Write down 2 different versions of the same night routine.
  • Open a new folder for the quote trees
  • Write down your reasons for doing more quote breakdowns, the goals, and the plan. 
Project: Do 20 sentence breakdowns, practice different ways of breaking down sentences 

Goals: See which methods lead to more clarity. 
Practice judging the result more objectively.