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💡 Sources of Organization

Learning, progress or achieving a goal requires organized effort. That means it's not random, aimless, chaos.

For example, the scientific method organizes thinking and action so that scientists learn about nature. It's known for being particularly organized and for being much more effective than less organized approaches generally are.

There are many sources of organization. Following the scientific method is one way that your effort/actions may become organized.

If no sources of organization are used, learning will fail. No organization = chaos = no learning. You must have something to reduce chaos – to bring order to chaos – or you'll fail.

Often, people aren't aware of where organization comes from. They don't know they're using organization, but what they do is far from pure chaos. They think of it as unplanned, freeform learning, but some forces causes it to be significantly organized.

What sources of organization exist? Where can organization come from?
Brainstorm what you can below, plus also comment if there's a real example where you can't think of any sources of organization but it appears to have worked out successfully anyway.

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Traffic rules are a way of organizing the driving decisions of any car. No matter where they are going, what cars do is not chaotic because drivers make decisions based on their understanding of the rules, and the rules already take into account what decisions drivers might have to make. 

For example traffic lights take into account the fact that drivers might cross paths in certain intersections, so they organize cars by groups, horizontals, and verticals. And drivers already understand what traffic lights are for, so they make decisions based on the constraints that the traffic light rules impose on them.

I don't believe things can go right just by luck, so I can't think of anything that works successfully but it's not organized.  I know some people think that the economy is not organized, but I think that's like saying that traffic is not organized just because it is not planed. 
Even if you win a prize in a casino, there's a lot of thinking that had to go into making the game, the prize, and the laws that the casino and the winner have to follow.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas 👍
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I know some people think that the economy is not organized, but I think that's like saying that traffic is not organized just because it is not planed. 

I have a minor, tangential comment.

Lots of planning goes into traffic. People decide what roads to build, where, with how many lanes, etc. They decide what signs to put up and speed limits to set. They try to predict, plan and simulate traffic flow and figure out how to make it more efficient and safe.

There are also smaller jobs like the people who work (I don't know if they're volunteers or not) at crosswalks by schools around the start and end of the school day. They go out in the street with vests and signs and make the traffic stop so kids can cross easily (and then they wait a while to let cars pass and more kids arrive before doing it again). That is a planned activity that's meant to control traffic to be safer for the kids.
Anne B
Some sources of organization:
  • A course of learning that someone else has set up. This could be an academic or non-academic course at an institution or organization, an online course, or a course of action suggested by a book or a video or something else.
  • A schedule.
  • Keeping records of what you’ve done.
  • A written plan. Even if you don’t always follow your plan, having a plan written down helps to keep from forgetting something.
controls in video games might be organization

if you try to jump up and down IRL then you will probably notice nothing is happening in the video game. you have to actually use a keyboard and mouse to be able to do things in the video game.
Anne B
Methods are sources of organization. Example: When you see that you're weak in some area, focus more effort and practice in that area.
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer)
I write my thoughts in google docs before sharing.  The writing process helps me think.  And google docs helps me identify misspelled words.  This post exists in a google doc.  I read through the post a few times before sharing.

I wear a watch that has an alarm set for 4:40 am every day.  That alarm begins a process which allows me to do learning activities before the children wake up and before I am expected by my employers.

I have been reading books and making highlights in my kindle reader.  I then transfer my highlights to a git repository to reinforce the idea.  Typing the letters, words, and sentences helps me revisit the ideas I thought were most interesting.  I can then search my git repositories at later times.

I have been taking notes with timestamps in google docs as I listen to videos.  I can then share my notes as a comment to a youtube video so that there are hyperlinks to the timestamp for other people.  I can also revisit my notes and make my own video where I record my thoughts.  My video can remain private, unlisted, or public.  Each video I share has a link to my discord server to invite feedback from others.  I need to remember to copy a link to my comment on the original video into the description of my response video and in my google doc.  Note that writing and reviewing these written thoughts allowed me to improve my process and recognize that I haven’t been copying a link to the comment into the other places.

I learned that GISTE was using calendly and I started using it as well.  I set up time slots for Monday and Wednesday nights after the children are in bed and planned these windows of time with my wife.  I can share a link to my calendly if someone wants to speak with me.  When I do meetings, I record those meetings using Zoom.  I share a link to the recording with the other participant.  I keep the meetings private and copy them to a google drive folder.  If the participants in the meetings want to share the meeting, I can share it on my YouTube channel.  I can use the recorded meetings to allow me to revisit ideas and information asynchronously at a later time.  I can treat the recordings the same way I treat any other video: taking notes with timestamps and creating responses in written and/or AV format.

My father played a game with my wife and I a few years back where we would go into his storage room filled with so many things that people may think he is a hoarder.  We would find something in the room, blindfold my father, and ask him to find the thing.  Through testing via this game, it seemed he might know where everything was located because everything was organized and in a designated place.  I think my learning processes which use google docs, git, and youtube are ways of organizing ideas.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
heroLFG (Gavin Palmer) heroLFG  You may like or other automated transcription software.
Games like chess have rules.  By demanding certain actions and prohibiting others, they organize the decisions of the players.
Sports do this too. They set the rules and criteria for success. The purpose of playing is to come up with an idea of how to win that takes into account the rules and goals.

Dates are another source of organization. They allow us to arrange past events in chronological order. We can also plan for the future, and we can coordinate with other people because we are all using the same system and we know that we all know how to find our "position" in a calendar.

International standards for time, weight, or size are another source of organization. They systematize the classification of technical information for everyone in the world. This way we can communicate more effectively knowledge across cultures and languages, without having to translate to different systems like we do with language.
Anne B
Lists, charts, spreadsheets, diagrams.
When I get assigned projects for school, I don't feel like doing the projects. However, when the deadline closes in I rush myself and complete the project in a few hours.

I don't know what gets me to want to finish the project. My rationale changes a lot as the deadline approaches. This method is not 100% successful, because sometimes there's too much to complete and I get overwhelmed.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
schools are always making kids do stuff they don't want to do and/or don't know how to do.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas Elliot ​ I learned to hate school projects, but to also put up with them.
 Learning, progress or achieving a goal requires organized effort. That means it's not random, aimless, chaos.

apple watches are a source of organization for the goal of live healthier and be more fit or something.

you can use the applewatch kind of as a personnel coach.

the applewatch has rings which you can close every day, and it can tell you how your progress is going for completing the rings.

it even has a breath function that asks you if you want to breath for a minute, that can help you calm down or something.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Ya. Apple Watch is not a great fitness organizer (doing way better is possible than just following the watch’s directions) but it’s better than what lots of ppl were doing before
Anne B
it even has a breath function that asks you if you want to breath for a minute, that can help you calm down or something.

How does it decide when to ask you that? That could be useful to me.
 How does it decide when to ask you that? That could be useful to me. 

i think either the method they use is secret, or it just kind of randomly happens.