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📢 The Most Important Stuff Now Goes in Docs & Files

I put my important posts in the Docs & Files section and organized them in folders. This will make it easier for people to find the best info to focus attention on.

I won't have stuff in multiple places in the future. If it should go in Docs & Files I'll put it only there.

I had to copy/paste the text of the posts over to the new place so unfortunately replies didn't get moved over.

The Message Board has no way to sticky or bump posts. They just stay in chronological order by creation date. And there are no sub-forums (there are categories but those are pretty limited). So this will work better.

If you want to post docs and files yourself, try not to clutter that area up. I'd suggest making one folder with your name and putting your stuff in there. And now clutter in the Message Board is more OK than before.

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Elliot, Fallible Ideas
I renamed Docs & Files to Docs.