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Trees on Avoiding Being Stuck & Making a Good Effort At Solving a Programming Problem

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Anne B
Are you using DrRacket for an "interactive interpreter" in your second tree? I think yes, but if you mean something else, please explain.
Justin Mallone
AnneB, I had DrRacket in mind as an example but was trying to use a more generic term that would include for example IRB for Ruby
Anne B
Makes sense. Just checking.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
For the programming tree:

A good approach is to break the problem into MAGICAL steps. People can get stuck on breaking a problem into steps that they understand or know how to do or something.

If you can break it into 2 or more parts that you DON"T know how to do, that are just like "and it magically calculates the correct value", that's progress.

A MAGIC step is a thing you don't know how to do yet. The original whole problem is magic for you b4 u solve it: the one magic step "do the goal" would work but isn't useful. What is useful is splitting it into 2 or more magic/unknown parts.

i think this pov like "assume you knew how to do any useful prerequisite or sub-skill. anything less than the whole project at once. then what could you build a solution with?" and you can build a tree that way. you can repeat that method to break down the magic steps into smaller magic steps until you start getting to stuff that isn't so magical.
Justin Mallone 🧙‍♂️
Justin Mallone
🙂 These MAGIC Steps sound a lot like a more generalized version of the LEAP OF FAITH idea that Simply Scheme talks about re: recursion
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
you can also think of the magic steps as delegation. you assign a butler to each one to figure out how to get it done and do it.

but then the butlers complain about some tasks, so you have to break them down into smaller pieces to assign to multiple butlers.

the point is you don't have to know how to get it done in order to put it as a step in a tree. it can be a black box "X is done somehow" node.