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Using Automatic Check-ins

I created some automatic check-ins. Pick the ones you like and add yourself to the list of people being asked that check-in question.

I subscribed everyone to two generic check-ins. You can unsubscribe from being asked those if you prefer.

You can add your own check-in questions. Just deselect everyone but yourself so you aren't creating notifications for others.

You can add yourself to anyone else's check-in questions if you like their question.

Comments & Events

Anne B
What's the difference between "What projects are you working on?" (every two weeks) and "What did you work on this week?" (every week)? Isn't everything you work on a project, even if you're not doing formal project steps with it? 
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
What did you work on this week?

I'll change this to ask what you got done this week.
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Hmmm, it looks like if someone new joins the Basecamp then they get signed up for all the automatic check-ins. That's inconvenient, especially if people start making their own.

I only wanted to opt people in by default to 2 (a weekly and a monthly).
Elliot, Fallible Ideas
Seems like there's no way to unsubscribe yourself from all check-ins at once, either. So if a lot of people made their own personal check-ins, it wouldn't work well.