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👋 What am I working for?

I have a Question/Doubt.

I think of becoming good at philosophy (by doing what FI recommends) as a superpower. Once I become great at philosophy I will become great at creating knowledge.

What should I expect? What will I be able to accomplish? What are some right expectations to have?
Will I be able to contribute to the theory of universal constructor (which might be constructor theory) or maybe even successfully discover it in 10 years? 
Will I become better at skills that will help me make good money? Will I be 2 (or even 5) times better at improving at chess as compared to someone who is bad at reason?

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Elliot, Fallible Ideas
You should expect to always be at the beginning of infinity. There's always more to learn.

You can aim to solve specific problems, whether they're in philosophy or they're something else that you want to use some philosophy to help with.

If you aim at especially general purpose problems like how to be better at problem solving, then you should expect to do better at that stuff than if you hadn't worked on it. How successful you are is not very predictable. If you get half way to the best existing knowledge, then making good money and learning chess faster are highly achievable and realistic, and you could expect to contribute something important to human knowledge.