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💡 Why Do Projects?

A project is organized effort to achieve a goal. This is more effective than disorganized effort or effort that isn't aimed at a goal.

Learning requires achieving goals like "understand this" and "figure out how that works".

Goals can be small things. Answering one question is a goal. Reading for 5min today is a goal.

Projects can be small.

If you're doing something small, do you really need to think of it as a project?

Don't think of "walk one step" as a project (unless you're a toddler). That's too small and easy.

But you need to practice doing organized projects on small things (things you didn't already master in the past) so that you're already good at projects when doing medium or big things (or small plus hard things, which exist too).

Things besides learning also involve projects. Getting a job is a project. Applying to 10 places is 10 smaller projects which are related to the bigger one. Big projects are composed of many smaller projects. Applying for a job at one place involves multiple mini projects like finding a place to apply, figuring out who to apply with and in what format (e.g. in person, phone, fax or email, using a resume or some other system, doing one or more interviews, etc). You also have to worry about aspects like salary negotiation, figuring out what the job involves and whether you're qualified, etc., which are also projects to deal with. Or you could just be disorganized and do nothing in particular to succeed at those goals, in which case you aren't doing projects but you're also running a higher risk of failing.

Popper says all life is problem solving. Well, all problem solving is projects: solving a problem is a goal, and what Popper meant by problem solving involved organized effort (e.g. brainstorming and critical thinking, as well as acting on your ideas).
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