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why TCS is needed

curi42 (7:55:19 PM): Mom and Dad were a unit, and if we tried to manipulate either of them, we got punished. The punishments were always just—I reluctantly had to admit that they were fair—but they were always severe enough to be a deterrent. Pavlov would be very, very proud, I thought with a laugh.
curi42 (7:55:29 PM): sigh
curi42 (7:57:33 PM): and we know its mainstream b/c the story is about sex not parenting and popular authors avoid putting in weird controversial stuff for little reason. this is supposed to, and does, make the family more realistic and detailed
curi42 (7:57:55 PM): in a way most ppl can relate to

link to story (Warning: May not be appropriate for illiterate adults and penguins.)

Elliot Temple on July 31, 2004


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