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No Contact Request

Due to ongoing harassment, I'm issuing a no contact request to the "Crit Rats". Leave me alone.

People included:

  • Dennis Hackethal
  • Brett Hall
  • Charlie Jungheim
  • Michael Golding
  • Bruce Nielson
  • Aaron Stupple
  • Ella Hoeppner
  • Andy B
  • Dan Elton
  • Sam Kuypers
  • Sarah Fitz-Claridge
  • Kevin Schoedel
  • Logan Chipkin
  • Carlos De la Guardia
  • Christofer Lövgren

Plus anyone else who associates with "Andy B" or who I would consider supportive of the ongoing harassment from him and others in the "Crit Rat" community.

No contact includes: don't talk to me; don't talk about me while in the same room as me; don't respond to what I said while in the same room as me; don't do online equivalents of that; don't use your associates or my associates to talk to me indirectly; you're banned from my forums.

Exception: You may email me regarding ending the harassment or renouncing the harassers. Other contact is a violation of my consent.

Elliot Temple on April 23, 2021

Messages (9)

Someone was harassing this blog today (I deleted those comments). Presumably it was someone the no contact request applied to who was breaking it.

curi at 9:15 PM on April 24, 2021 | #2 | reply | quote

The CritRat "ashik dragneel" violated this no contact request in order to harass me on YouTube.

Video: Talking About David Deutsch and Andy B Harassment


His Twitter appears to be:


I see that he is following Andy B and many CritRats:

And he tweeted Andy B recently:

There's probably more but Andy B is hiding his tweets from the public currently so they won't all show up, plus Andy B changed his Twitter handle repeatedly so I'd have to search for other handles to find more, which I haven't done.

While I was writing this, YouTube said there were 7 comments on the video. None showed up. I don't know why. I don't know what the other 3 comments were. I didn't get email notifications for them.

Then Alan posted a comment ("Is YouTube hiding all comments on this video?") and now it says only 1 comment on the video.

While writing this, I was informed that one of the deleted/disappeared comments was:

> [From:] Alan Forrester


> @ashik dragneel  You're claiming this harassment is in Elliot's imagination: do you have a refutation of what Elliot is saying and if so where is it?

curi at 10:25 AM on July 11, 2021 | #5 | reply | quote

#5 Ashik tweeted to DD at least 114 times, Brett at least 95 times, Lulie at least 24 times, and MatjazLeonardis at least 12 times (Matjaz is a CritRat who caused trouble years before Andy B showed up). That's in only 342 tweets. His Twitter feed is very focused on CritRats, and that community taught him to hate and be toxic to someone he doesn't know at all: Elliot Temple.

Anonymous at 10:41 AM on July 11, 2021 | #6 | reply | quote

#6 In 2013, Matjaz was using a fake name ("Psevdo Nim") to email my community offlist to have private gossip discussions saying I'm mean. after failure and an 8 month break from talking with my source, matjaz then, out of the blue, tried again to contact my source to attack me. he also got someone to leak him private information related to me (which got the leaker banned from a group). Matjaz also violated Lulie's privacy and leaked information about her and called her "irrational".

He also trashed MWI and I didn't know, in 2012, why DD put up with him (still don't know). Lulie said "He always trashes MWI. I don't either [know why DD puts up with him] but I think he's a bad influence on DD."

I'd forgotten about this. They've done so much I can't even remember it all. Good thing I can search emails... The CritRats had multiple people contacting my community members offlist to attack me before Andy ever showed up. They've been running a shadow campaign for a long time.

Also found this information from Lulie that DD was gossiping about me and violating my privacy, to Matjaz, IRL, in 2011 before he even broke with me.

What I was trying to find is whether Matjaz was ban evading with Psevdo Nim. Didn't find info one way or the other. But he was at least evading his reputation and tricking me on purpose. I didn't like him, and he's repeatedly mistreated me, and then he changed names to fool me for a while.

curi at 11:00 AM on July 11, 2021 | #7 | reply | quote

Andy B has claimed to CritRats that my discussion community is smaller than it looks and that lots of the accounts are my sockpuppets. I thought this was projection: he uses lots of sockpuppets and assumes others are like him.

But now that I see DD was gossiping, in 2011, to a person who was nasty to me, to suggest that my community was smaller than it looked and populated by lots of my sockpuppets. (The account in question wasn't me, btw.) Maybe DD is the original source of Andy B's false belief about my use of sockpuppets.

Similarly, DD's recent lie to Justin about me violating no contact requests from him was echoed by Andy years earlier. It seems like DD has spread some stuff around and then the community, including Andy B, heard it and believed it.

curi at 11:24 AM on July 11, 2021 | #8 | reply | quote

#8 I've been accused of being a sockpuppet of Elliot's in the past, despite my independent existence not being very hard to verify

Justin Mallone at 12:17 PM on July 11, 2021 | #9 | reply | quote

It's weird how they tell curi to drop it – and go do something else (when it's directly affecting his life, like currently preventing most people from writing comments here) – but don't tell Andy or DD to drop it. Shouldn't Andy or DD have something better to do? Since DD left FI, he's published zero books and around one blog post per year (only 2 in the last 5 years). Why would he rather be toxic than write?

Anonymous at 1:21 PM on July 11, 2021 | #10 | reply | quote

Step 1: Harass curi on a video complaining about harassment. And try to imply he's making it all up.

Step 2: Delete your YouTube comments when you realize (or your buddy Andy B messages you and tells you) that harassing curi makes him look correct.

Anonymous at 1:27 PM on July 11, 2021 | #11 | reply | quote

David Deutsch publicly tweeted to Ashik just two days before Ashik wrote harassing comments on Elliot's video complaining about DD-related harassment. DD tweeted:


> Replying to @ashik_shanks


> Thinking is the core of our perceptual process, not an extension. And thinking is not primarily the accumulation of *data*, but the *creation* of knowledge. Otherwise, yes.

Searching, I see that DD has tweeted to Ashik at least 12 times (9 direct replies, 3 just tags):


There's a recurring pattern where the people DD tweets with, and the people harassing Elliot, are the same people.

What is DD telling them privately? DD hasn't even claimed that his private communications with these people are innocent and don't encourage harassment.

Anonymous at 2:24 PM on July 12, 2021 | #12 | reply | quote

Want to discuss this? Join my forum.

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