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At that point, I had a mischievous idea.

“What’re you doing?” Kendall asked with a giggle.

“I’m taking off your dress,” I said as I lowered the zipper.

“Not here, Paul,” she said.

“Yes here.” In the mirror, Susan and I exchanged glances.

She raised her eyebrows but then smiled in agreement.

“Take off your dress,” I urged Kendall. “C’mon, I wanna see your body.”

“You will,” she said, holding up the bodice of her dress. “Soon.”

“I want to see you now.”

“But we’re in the hallway,” she said, tipsy, but not drunk enough that she automatically followed my lead.

“I want to walk to Susan’s room with you naked,” I said.

“But her room’s at the end of the hall,” Kendall protested. “What if someone comes out of their room?”

“It’s almost midnight,” I said. “No one’s gonna be in the hall.”

With a little more convincing, Kendall finally let me take off her dress.


HOW MANY TIMES DOES SHE HAVE TO SAY NO? do you know what other interaction follows this pattern? rape!

Elliot Temple on October 14, 2004

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I know! >.

Lulie at 12:37 PM on October 19, 2004 | #554 | reply | quote

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