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[Product] [Screencast] Elliot Reads Critical Fallibilism Forum, 2023-03-08

I recorded myself catching up on CF forum posts and put it up for sale. Find details on the product page: https://curi.gumroad.com/l/oywpl

I wanted to let everyone know: Future small products might only be announced on my forum, not here. I'm also not going to add this to https://www.elliottemple.com/store but you can find it on my gumroad store page https://curi.gumroad.com and follow me there for notifications.

Big products will be announced as a CF post and/or here, in addition to on my forum. (I'm not planning any big products soon. I want to make better free essays explaining CF first.)

I recommend anyone interested in my stuff sign up to receive emails at the CF site. If you want more than that, here's a page with forum posts by me that you can bookmark. My posts include topics linking to all my CF and curi blog posts and YouTube videos, which is done with an automated system, so it's a way to find everything in one place if you aren't using an RSS reader. Creating a forum topic for each thing also gives people a space to comment on it and discuss it.

Elliot Temple on March 9, 2023


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