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“The grading for this project will be different,” Joska continued. “The technical quality of your drawings themselves will be fifty percent of your grade. Your peer critiques will be an additional ten percent. The remaining forty percent of your grade will consist entirely of bonus points, based on your artistic execution and attention to detail.”

---- on turn the project in day, he announces 40% of the grade is gonna be pulled out of his ass. this is not exactly rare though. bleh


“You are in competition with each of your teammates for bonus points: first place, second place, and so on,” Joska said. “First place will receive the full forty points. Second place will receive twenty points. Third place will receive ten points, and fourth place will receive no bonus points. Hopefully, most of you can do simple math, and you’ve realized that if your drawing comes in fourth, your chance for a passing grade rests entirely on the quality of your drawings and critiques.”


and then it gets much, much worse. 2nd place in the class could be getting a 2 letter grade drop now, and 3rd in the class 3, and 4th in the class 4 letter grades. that's NUTS.


“For those of you lucky enough to be on a team with only three members,” Joska continued, “you already know who came in last: they’re no longer with us.


for randomly selected people, you automatically get a higher grade. some may call this "grade falsification", but if any of you do, I'll murder you.

Elliot Temple on October 16, 2004


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