Taking Children Seriously

(This is an archive of the tcs.ac website from 2003. It is a historical curiosity, which I do not endorse, and do not recommend reading. I (Elliot Temple) think it contains serious errors. Note: when converting the website to run at a different url, the archive software incorrectly changed some text, like some emails, from saying tcs.ac to saying curi.us)

Upcoming Events

For further information about any TCS event, contact TCS at:
e v e n t s (at) T C S (dot) a c

How to book TCS speakers

Excellent, entertaining, experienced speakers are available to give presentations and workshops on a wide variety of TCS-related subjects, to a wide range of audiences. The following examples are not a complete list. If you would like a TCS speaker on one of the following issues or some other, contact TCS at:
b o o k i n g s (at) T C S (dot) a c

A selction of typical comments made by people who have seen TCS speakers in action:

“Thank you for showing me what a tyrant I've been. This is going to change my life.”

“An extremely interesting and entertaining workshop”

“Thank you for changing my life.”

“Brilliant speaker; world-changing ideas”

“I was deeply moved by what you said.”

“This is the most important workshop I have ever attended.”

“I am very anxious to learn more about TCS.”


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