Note: Some of these PDFs are very large (thousands of pages) and may load very slowly or break in some apps. Adobe Acrobat Reader works fine but Preview doesn't. With Acrobat, you may need to leave the PDF open for a long time (up to a few days) for it to generate the index file that makes searches fast (it makes it automatically in the background).

Fallible Ideas Articles

eBook with articles from Fallible Ideas, Fallible Ideas for Life and Elliot Temple Essays. This zip files contains the PDF, ePub and mobi (kindle).

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Fallible Ideas Discussion

The Fallible Ideas email discussion group was used from 2013 to 2020. It has been replaced by the Critical Fallibilism discussion forum (website).

There's a ton of content here. Don't try to read it straight through. Skip parts that don't interest you, skim for parts you like, or search for keywords to find specific topics you want to learn about. This short video tutorial explains the best way to search. Also, text is frequently repeated because people quote what they're replying to. If you remember what a quote says, you don't have to reread it.

Download (91,243 pages)

Beginning of Infinity Discussion

The Beginning of Infinity is a book by David Deutsch. The email discussion group studied and analyzed its philosophy and implications from 2011 to 2017.

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  • Elliot Temple discusses life extension and philosophy with Aubrey de Grey (210 pages: ePub, Kindle, PDF)
  • Elliot Temple discusses philosophy with Robert Spillane (92 pages: ePub, Kindle, PDF)
  • Elliot Temple discusses philosophy with the Less Wrong forum (370 page PDF)
  • Fallible Ideas emails about Kant. Mostly it's analysis and research by Elliot (41 page PDF)
  • Fallible Ideas emails criticizing posts by Lulie Tanett and Ray Scott Percival related to Critical Rationalism. The emails do detailed textual analysis and point out bad arguments, dishonesty and social climbing. (565 page PDF)
  • Fallible Ideas Discord discussions with Felix the Cat and Hopenager from Aug 2019. Shows different ways people fail at philosophy. Good practice material for finding logical errors and social dynamics. Contains some extended explanations of ideas by Elliot. Elliot also explained part of the Felix discussion at length in this analysis video. (112 pages: PDF, HTML, text)