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Episode: Discussing Questions on Economics, Immigration, Relationships and More with Ingracke!

A fun and wide-ranging conversation between philosopher Elliot Temple and his friend, the anonymous philosopher "Ingracke."

Topics include criticism of GDP, whether the interest rate is "the price of money", political mistakes made by Libertarians and Objectivists, the right attitude to criticism and learning, lies taught about American history in school, improving ideas, relationships, and more. 0:11 - What are some criticisms of GDP? 3:16 - Why is it wrong to call the interest rate the price of money? 8:58 - Comments on economics 12:45 - Intellectual corruption / pleasing authorities 16:19 - Why are libertarians & Objectivists wrong about immigration, Nationalism, Trump, etc? 24:11 - Immigration & government policy 27:00 - More on libertarian & Objectivist mistakes 38:32 - Attitude to criticism & learning 46:25 - What are some bad/evil myths about American politics & history taught in school, and what's the truth? 57:39 - How to address reluctance to improve ideas in some area of life, like sex or romance? 59:39 - Men going their own way 1:06:30 - More on improving ideas 1:11:20 - Friendships & relationships 1:24:35 - Key problem-solving ideas/skills that you should understand and share with your kids to help them learn how to solve problems effectively. Learn more about Elliot Temple's philosophy at https://www.fallibleideas.com and https://curi.us

Listen (mp3). Duration 1:31:38. Date: 2017-09-07

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