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The Fabric of Reality, by David Deutsch

The Fabric of Reality, by David Deutsch is now one of the best selling popular science books of all time. It is already number 3 in the New Scientist's Physical Sciences Bestsellers list, even though it has only been out a short while, and Dillons in central London (one of the largest and best bookshops in England) sold all of their initial stock within an hour.

This book was described as “awesome” in The New Scientist, and in similarly glowing terms by many philosophers, scientists, and journalists. See David's website for reviews and further details. The first edition is only available from UK and the cover of the UK (first) edition is IMO much more beautiful than the cover of the American edition.

If you would like a first impression first edition copy of the book, signed by David Deutsch, place your order soon. Signed copies will be very rare as book-signing tours are not David's thing, and our stocks are limited.

Prices are as follows and include postage and packing:

UK: 200 pounds, cheques payable to TCS.

Europe: 220 pounds, cheques payable to TCS. Equivalent amounts in the other currencies listed are acceptable.

USA: US$300, checks payable to TCS.

Canada: Can$450, cheques payable to TCS.

Australia, Aus$500, cheques payable to TCS.

Other: details on request.

(Note that the above price includes airmail postage.)

You can write to Taking Children Seriously at: 2 Cedar Close, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 8UZ, England UK

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