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I wrote a tetris clone named curi's blocks in python! It took a little over 2 days. It's free unless you really like it. If you really like it you're absolutely required to give me lots of money. My paypal email addy is curi[at]curi[dot]us.

Download it in a here: curi's blocks.zip

It comes with a readme with instructions to run it and key controls and such. But I'll repeat one thing here: you need python and pygame installed to play. Get them here:



I tried to make a standalone windows executable version using py2exe and it actually ran but pausing or losing would crash it. So sorry, source code only. If anyone clueful wants to make an exe or app that'd be cool (hint hint).

Oh also, post your highscores in comments!

Elliot Temple on February 2, 2004

Comments (7)

I'll give you 90 bucks! :-)

fr0ggE at 2:48 AM on February 2, 2004 | #807

my highscore is 2250 so far

Elliot at 3:10 AM on February 2, 2004 | #808


bow down to the fr0g.

fr0ggE at 6:58 PM on February 3, 2004 | #809


fr0ggE at 9:43 PM on February 3, 2004 | #810


ribbit ribbit

fr0ggE at 10:14 PM on February 5, 2004 | #811


Elliot at 11:22 PM on February 5, 2004 | #812

3420, 3490, and 4080 baby. All done in 3 games, in a row W00t!

fr0ggE at 1:32 AM on March 11, 2004 | #813

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