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Blatant Lying Example

People lie so much and so blatantly.

i went on a diablo 2 stream on twitch today, that says "legit" in the title

then he goes to eat and starts botting.

and then his mods defend it

i was informed botting is legit if:
  • you do it to help others
  • you're eating
  • you work very hard at the game
  • the game is very hard
  • you play on East
i was also told to read his chat rules, which I noticed say not to post links to "bots or hacks"...

the point about doing it to help others, as if it didn't benefit himself, is a lie too. he wants the xp himself for ladder rank. and then when the streamer got back from his break, he started playing with his own bot and having it kill stuff for him.

Elliot Temple on April 8, 2015

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People lie so much, so blatantly, that this can be a meme.

Also people seeing this pic don't recognize it as lying. They don't think like "that girl is a liar" or "that girl is really dishonest, i shouldn't trust anything else she says". I think they just don't even analyze it, they don't think about it.

Anonymous at 12:20 PM on March 25, 2019 | #12065 | reply | quote

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