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Reddit Censorship

I tried to participate in a reddit AMA ("ask me anything") for Ann Coulter. I was immediately banned:

That's everything I said. Then:

A few minutes later the moderators changed their mind and made it a permanent ban because, apparently, I'm a "moron". (I had said nothing further.) What's moronic about doing fact checking and research regarding Ann's writing? I found a clear error in Adios America which should be fixed. Instead I get banned:

Elliot Temple on March 3, 2016

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Some people just don't like criticism. More so if you bombard them all at once.. Some people want others to sugarcoat their criticism.

Severus Snape at 9:11 AM on March 4, 2016 | #4985
It's not like Ann Coulter was offended. It was some moderators who were not the ones being criticized. And 2 of the 5 comments were positive.

curi at 9:21 AM on March 4, 2016 | #4986

Did you try ?

Did you try posting the link but this time only once ?

Severus Snape at 9:35 AM on March 4, 2016 | #4987
No I didn't ban evade on a second account.

curi at 9:36 AM on March 4, 2016 | #4988
sorry that they didn't appreciate the way you find mistakes in things

it seems unprofessional and unobjective for a mod to call a user a moron

Anonymous at 4:05 AM on March 5, 2016 | #5002

Getting Banned Sucks !

I have yet to learn to cope with the pain of being blocked or Banned. I get really angry and try to create multiple accounts/IPs with different names to blitzkrieg that group.

Warren Buffett Someone K Person at 11:05 PM on March 7, 2016 | #5027
You don't seem very good at that, though, Someone. :P

Anonymous at 12:48 AM on March 8, 2016 | #5030

What ?

"You don't seem very good at that, though, Someone. :P "

What do you mean by that ? How do you know if I am good or bad at something ?

Somename K Noodle at 1:40 AM on March 8, 2016 | #5032
Why do you get angry when you get blocked/banned?

Anonymous at 11:05 AM on March 8, 2016 | #5064
The mods suck

If you want to deal with places like reddit that have bad mods, try posting at a lower rate. Posting 5 times at once looks like spam to a dumb mod.

Anonymous at 3:56 AM on May 7, 2016 | #5186

What do you think?

(This is a free speech zone!)