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Apple's Thoughts On Music


This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It is the way of the future. Apple is changing the world with an *essay*. It's very persuasive. It's very public. It came out earlier today, and I independently found out about it in two places already. Neither involved any advertising.

Apple respects its customers and the public enough to present them with ideas and arguments. Not talking points or sound bytes, but genuine, serious explanations. Apple believes people will care. I am optimistic that Apple is right.

One day companies will settle a large proprotion of their disputes this way. They will publish their arguments, and the public will pass judgment. Defy customers at your peril. Our society has already made persuasion an integral part of many of its institutions, but it has plenty of room to grow.

This is lovely. I am happy.

Elliot Temple on February 14, 2007


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