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ninja game. 2d platformer. controls are left/right/jump. fun.

there's 500 levels. they are in sections of 5. i beat sections 0, 1, and 90. so you can skip ahead once you get the idea i guess. i died a lot. it doesn't matter. you can just retry and the gameplay is fast. you have a time limit (90 seconds i think). if you are too slow you should suicide without beating the level b/c your time limit lasts for all 5 levels in a section, but dying resets you to the time you started the level with. you can gather gold to get more time. also it's not immediately obvious but you win by going out the door. the door is closed. hit the blue switch.

press against walls when falling to slide on them. you can jump off. you can go straight up a wall if you jump enough but it's slow -- going back and forth is much easier. hold jump longer to jump further. it takes some practice to aim jumps to actually land on the platform you want. it's easy to go too far or too short. run before jumping to gain more speed.

Elliot Temple on March 19, 2007


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