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It's bulloney that grassroots moovements don't cownt cows as people. We should get some bovine experts in the field -- willing to get their hands dirty -- before we have a mad cow epidemic. We need to cow the pigs in beef corporations into taking less "deadly field-trips"; we need to dog the heels of those rat bastards. Cows everywhere are cownting on us to take over the moomentum with a mooving moovie depicting cows cownting the days until their grassy graves. Please chew on these ideas; cows are food for thought, not people.

Cowabunga! Don't be sheepish! Don't be chicken! Don't be a mouse; roar like a lion! Don't duck the issue! If we milk the cows, we can save all our farmyard friends.

Elliot Temple on May 12, 2007


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