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Sad Story

Show: Lizzie McGuire

Background: Lizzie is a pretty normal girl, about age 14. Larry Tudgman is a nerd her age and one episode he asks her out. She feels bad about rejecting him and decides to go on a date, but then he tells people at school that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. She breaks up with him and says they aren't compatible. She expects him to cry. The conversation continues as follows:

Tudgman: I guess you're right. We're living a lie. I need a girlfriend who's into astrophysics, amphibian skeletal systems, and rotisserie baseball.

Lizzie: Yeah. And I need a boyfriend who's into
"stuff". (small laugh)

The show then cuts to Lizzie's thoughts, and she thinks:

"Maybe I should develop some interests."

But then she adds:

"And then I could join a club and meet a boy there."

Elliot Temple on May 19, 2007


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