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Second Cinema Display Repair

After I mailed in my 23" cinema display and Apple received it at their repair center, they decided to cancel my repair and give me a bunch of grief about it not being in warranty. This is the third time they gave me grief about the same issue. I'm still right, and they still owe me warranty repairs. And they still acknowledged this the previous times, and promised me warranty coverage. (They advertised that you could buy macbook + cinema display + macbook applecare and the applecare would cover the display too. They say this was a mistake and it's only supposed to work with other computers but not macbooks. Too bad. They must honor the terms on their website at time of sale. It's only an $80 value, so I don't see why they keep bothering me about it.)

This time they are refusing to admit that they are obligated to give me warranty coverage as advertised. And the contact info I have for the people I spoke with previously no longer works. However, they made some excuse about "it's only one month out of the three month coverage you are entitled to after the last repair" and repaired it anyway, so I stopped trying to reason with them.

On the upside, it works now. It had stopped turning on. Now it does. Yay!

Oh and the same day I got my display back (today), I also received a second box for mailing it in. Silly Apple is a bit disorganized I guess. For my previous repair they also managed to send me two shipping boxes.

Despite this hassle, I will continue to buy Apple products, which are wonderful.

Elliot Temple on August 1, 2008


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