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Right vs Left Wing

_In Search of a Better World_ by Karl Popper, p 86
modern left-wing nonsense is generally even worse than modern right-wing nonsense.

Elliot Temple on December 28, 2008

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If you quoting Popper it might be useful to post also when he said it and where.

This is for example from the seventies and critizeses the neo-marxistic youth of germany during the student revolution movement around 68.

In germany there was an so called "out of parliament opposition".

As a Son of this time (meaning that was my fathers generation) i agree with him.

German politicians in parliament agree that there must not be a political movement right from the conservativ parties, and no one left of social democracy.

What Popper only means I think is, that Neo-Marxism tries to be very smart, but isn't. Nationalist aren*'t even smart enough to say new which haven't be said by the NSDAP before.

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