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Reddit vs. Israel


Israel killed a senior Hamas terrorist. Reddit is sad. Comments follow each quote:
"Is it an outrage if a Hamas suicide bomber kills 10-20 Jews in a restaurant or reception?"

No, because the Palestinian backlash is predictable and avoidable. What do you expect when you starve people, cage them in like animals, and deprive them of their land and natural resources? Any normal person would become violent under those circumstances. Israeli's backwards policy towards Palestine is what fuels Hamas and keeps them strong. So when a Hamas suicide bomber blows up an Israeli mosque I simply see that as a natural consequence of Israeli policy. I certainly don't blame the Palestinians for being as angry as they are; I would be too.

Do you also blame the lion when it is taunted by vistors and then one day gets lose and goes on a killing spree?
This guy says he would kill Jews too, and so would "any normal person". He says it's completely natural to kill Jews, and that being Jewish is equivalent to mercilessly taunting non-Jews, like poking a tiger with a sharp stick.
I don't think that if these guys were in Israeli territory they would be taking down entire apartment buildings for individual people. There is just no way.

The only reason they do it is because they consider all of lives of the people in Gaza to be worthless. They blame every single man, woman, and child for what is happening.
This guy says Israel takes no care to avoid killing Palestinians because it doesn't care about their lives at all. But this is demonstrably false. Israel is very careful with collateral damage. For example, sometimes lets important terrorists escape, which it could kill, because they sleep with their family that night. Israel waits and hopes for a chance to kill them with less human shields around. But even more importantly, if Israel didn't care about the lives of Palestinians, it could just kill them all. It has nukes. It has overwhelming air power. Israel could wipe out whatever it wanted to, but it doesn't. Consider the times Israel has sent in ground troops to clear terrorists out of an area. What for? Why not just bomb the hell out of the area? The only purpose to sending in ground troops, and risking their lives, is to reduce the collateral damage.
Are you fucking joking? Even soldiers have the right to return home, and not to expect that fact to be used as some pathetic excuse for killing their family and neighbours.

If the same thing happened to an Israeli it would be condemned as an atrocious act of terrorism.
This guy is commenting on how Israel gave a 30 minute warning before the strike, and the terrorist told everyone, including his family, "stay here, so if Israel kills me, you'll die too, and then the commenters on Reddit will scream about how evil Israel is killing innocent bystanders".
If Israel wants peace so bad, why do they keep settling Palestinian land? Why do they continue the blockade of Gaza? That is all Hamas wanted to continue the truce. Doesn't Israel realize that those moves are just aggrevating the situation? Why can't they see that killing people isn't the answer?
If "killing people isn't the answer" then why is he defending Hamas, which has a goal of killing Jews?
What is happening in the Gaza Strip should not be taken lightly. It should cause us to question what it really means to be human.
And this guy is wondering if Jews are humans.
The strategy the Israeli's are using bares resemblance to how the Nazi's enclosed the Warsaw Ghettos.

If anything, we can take that irony away from this situation.
And this one thinks the Jews are a lot like the Nazis.
Hey Israel, do you know what your bomb-hit score is called in Hamas?

Job opening and promotion.

Bomb and kill can't be the only solution.
This guy thinks Hamas is so powerful that bombs could never destroy them.
They killed a democratically elected official of a democratic country. Nice. How hypocritical is the US being?
This guy thinks if you were democratically elected that justifies being a terrorist and makes you immune from criticism.
Fucking Nazis.
This guy is hateful but not thoughtful.
And this one too.

Elliot Temple on January 2, 2009


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