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Open Thread: Paths Forward, Discussing Well

Discuss how to do paths forward (summary blog post), including details like how to use text that isn't your own (so you can have positions on every major issue which you're responsible for), and how to deal with references from other people (like how to skim for a relevant part and reply when you have a criticism or problem, rather than reading the whole thing, and how to do this in such a way the discussion can still make progress).

What are all the practical ways people mess up discussion? Stuff that prevents them from doing the right thing of having this permanent body of knowledge that keeps getting improved, with recorded, public answers to all the issues that's all open to criticism, progress, error-correction.

Elliot Temple on September 22, 2015

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People need to learn how to skim for important parts so they don't get overwhelmed with too much stuff.

They need to learn how to manage their time, and take all the stuff to read, and then fit it into the amount of time. So instead of some stuff just getting skipped because they ran out of time, they only skip stuff on purpose. The way to do this is by reading different things at different speeds. Learn how to read different speeds, skim different amounts, then vary how you're reading by how interesting and important a particular thing is.

And learn to look for key parts to argue with or comment on, that'll move the discussion forward.

And do all this without blocking paths forward.

if you can't you're pretty damn fukt

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