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Red Pill Comments

The red pill and pickup artist (PUA) perspective on life, particularly on social dynamics, is interesting, valuable, worthwhile and broadly accurate. People can benefit tons from learning it and rejecting their bluepill social conditioning.

I sometimes want to share red pill/social dynamics/PUA perspectives and insights. But I don't fully agree with and endorse them, so I may tag messages with [redpill] or [rp] to indicate their perspective.

Making a social comment doesn't mean I endorse the social game itself. I disclaim that.

The social game is pervasive in life. Despite being irrational, it merits critical commentary, analysis and attention because of how much it affects people's lives.

In discussion, I often focus on the physical/logical/rational world and don't talk about the social world. This is problematic when other people make social statements and treat discussion like a contest between rival social hierarchy climbers. I want to address these social behaviors more and share insight about the social world with my audience.

Elliot Temple on January 9, 2020

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If I say:

> [redpill] Why octuple text me? Obsessed much?

That's not a socially calibrated comment by me. It's too blatant. The way to social climb is to call attention to the low social status behavior in a subtle way, that way I put the other person down without being viewed as socially aggressive or "mean". But being subtle won't highlight what's going on for analysis and audience members will have a hard time following it explicitly. OTOH if I write a dry analysis like:

> Octuple texting is reactive behavior which, according to the law of least effort (because reacting is a type of effort), lowers social status.

That's also bad at communicating to the audience in some ways. It's subtle in its own way because it doesn't call out the social behavior in social terms (like obsession). Not connecting a social behavior to a social concept, using clear social words, is harder for people to understand and concretize. It's also longer while, at the same time, being too incomplete and abbreviated.

Strong, clear, blatant social comments have some communication advantages over intellectual analysis or playing the social game correctly.

curi at 4:39 PM on January 9, 2020 | #15055 | reply | quote

Mystery's posts to alt.seduction.fast

During the mid 1990s, Ross Jeffries was the most prominent teacher on the Usenet newsgroup alt.seduction.fast. (The group was founded by a student of his.) Jeffries focused on word-for-word memorized "patterns" that supposedly used NLP and hypnosis to seduce women. Jeffries' "pattern" was a forerunner of Mystery's concept of a "routine". I believe that Jeffries and his students had the beginnings of the idea of testing their material and of sharing only things that seemed effective, but they didn't do much analysis of social dynamics.

Mystery changed the game when he started posting to alt.seduction.fast in the late 1990s. In addition to introducing terms for discussing social dynamics (such as "AMOG", "neg", and "DHV"), Mystery taught a "field-tested" method for picking up girls in clubs and bars, which were locations that Jeffries explicitly avoided.

Here is a 27.4 Mbyte PDF containing 3437 posts by Mystery to alt.seduction.fast, starting with his first post in 1998 and ending in 2007: https://docdro.id/Oexkeze . (The archive was originally compiled by fastseduction.com, but I was unable to download it from that site. The archive, along with zip file archives of Usenet posts by other early PUAs, can be downloaded from archive.org's snapshot of the fastseduction.com archives.)

Below are a few excerpts from the archive.

Mystery was tape-recording his interactions with women as early as 1998:

> the cassette player is to tape your approaches. its awesome to listen to what you said and what her replies were. VERY entertaining and moreso EDUCATIONAL. get a microcassette player and tape ALL your approaches. Its also good because an approach is very formatted: it has a beginning AND an ending. So does a tape. So when you see the girl, you think "I want HER." You scan the situation and say, "OK, here goes" and you press record. And in you go. When it is over, you press stop. Its so perfect for your brain. you are going in not to get the girl but rather to perfect the pick-up so you can have the PERFECT tape to play to friends. They will listen and say, "FUCK. YOU are GOOD!" Then you show them a picture of this girl that you fucked and she is a 10!. That is what its all about. Getting GOOD at this. Its an art. But its a PERFORMANCE ART.

Jeffries had been offering classroom seminars for years, but Mystery was the first to offer "in-field" (i.e., in an environment where men and women meet, such as a club or bar) pickup training. Mystery introduced the term "bootcamp" for this kind of training on alt.seduction.fast on 2001-09-20:

> I will show them the way it IS. IN-FIELD. The BASIC TRAINING name was intended to connotate the TOP GUN terminology. You get bogged by the word BASIC. Lets change the name. Its called BOOTCAMP.

Mystery first posted his "M3" process model to alt.seduction.fast on 2004-04-21:

> the three stages of M3 are ATTRACT - COMFORT - SEDUCE.

> Attract has 3 phases: A1 A2 and A3. Comfort has C1 C2 and C3. Seduce has S1 S2 and S3.

> A3 is F2M ATTRACT phase.

> C1’s goal is to build enough comfort so that she will agree to meet with you again.

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