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I'm not schizophrenic, I'm just creative

toad: write a split post
Elliot: i forget how
curi: that's ok I was the genius behind them anyway
Elliot: -_-o
Elliot: fine, good luck *walks off*
curi: where ya goin?
Elliot: stop it, I'm not helping
curi: pfft, screw you
curi: *summons Isyn, Caeli, Virtue Pure*
Isyn: *swings sword at curi*
curi: were we having a duel, I can't remember?
Isyn: me neither
curi: *pulls out a gun and shoots Isyn* OK, duel over!
Leftist: It is unacceptable to shoot an unarmed man!
curi: he had a sword!
leftist: it was just a dinner knife.
curi: yeah, and Saddam had "mining supplies" right? gotta blow sand dunes out of the way to make roads too. and probably the bullets were to make sure the population got enough minerals.
leftist: exactly!
everyone: *anime fall*


curi: Noir!
Elliot: What are you doing?
curi: Look she's shooting people. it's sexy.
Elliot: pervert
curi: ohhhhhh, hot, a machine gun.
Elliot: omg
Elliot: Hey I remember reading this thing about some guy saw at a party a woman having her throat slit "erotically" in a movie. wtf? how can death be erotic?
curi: power!!
Elliot: that's ambiguous. there is competence, skill, talent etc, that make one powerful. and then there is power like where ppl do what u say or die. also called domination, control, tyranny, etc
Isyn: both can get you laid. so both sexy.
Student: Will this be on the test?
curi: Yes, takes notes bitch!
Student: *scribbes furiously*
Elliot: Hey, don't worry, he's joking.
curi: yeah, the test is actually on the stuff from before you arrived
Student: oh no! how can i make it up?
Elliot: it's not important!
curi: if you fail this test, I'll put you on academic probation!
Student: *has a nervous breakdown*
Caeli: there there
Isyn: His mind is weak. I wonder if I could design a spell to control it.
Caeli: That'd be wrong!
Isyn: What if it was purely external? I'll just have it whisper, "The teacher wants you to bring Isyn an apple" and "you have an assignment to write an essay on draconic lore with a focus on mind control spells" in his ear.
Caeli: This plan is most foul. Leave the poor guy alone.
Student: I won't be poor after I graduate.
Isyn: Why? What's wrong with my plan? It's not my fault he is weak and vulnerable.
Caeli: You shouldn't take advantage of him.
Isyn: What difference does it make? If I don't, his skool will instead.
Caeli: True, hmm. We must go on a quest to destroy all skools.
Isyn: Can we loot them?
curi: We're going to skool? Cool! This is gonna be fun! I've never been to school.
Everyone: We know...
curi: Fuck you, I be smartest curi in that square acre.
Elliot: In which? Maybe one in the Pacific Ocean...
curi: *teleports to the pacific ocean, looks around, sees no one* w000, now i am!! *teleports back*
Student: Is teleportation on the test?
Isyn: Teleportation isn't for mere mortals. Otherwise I would have mastered it already! I bet he was using an illusion spell.
curi: *teleports Isyn to the ocean*
Isyn: *sinks in his armor, tries to disbelieve the illusion*
Isyn: *tries to disbelieve the water in his mouth*
Isyn: *tries to disbelieve the lack of oxygen, and the blacking out*
Everything: *goes black*

Elliot Temple on January 15, 2005


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