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Elliot Temple on July 23, 2018

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You're right that DNA is different in some of the ways you mention from past stuff. I think that's part of how we're talking past each other, since I thought I was clear in my original comment that DNA is different in some ways. I don't think the ways you pointed out DNA is different contradicted my original comment, though they did extend / expand on the differences significantly.

I agree you only stated the problem and had not proposed any solution, statist or otherwise.

But I also think that claiming there's a problem with something being a violation of privacy is not like claiming there's a problem with the weather being awful or life being too short. There's an important cultural context to claiming that something is a violation of privacy. Politically powerful movements exist to forcibly restrict what data is allowed to be collected, stored, shared, processed, etc. It's a matter of active controversy.

Privacy is a right and the state is currently a big part of how rights violations are addressed in our society. If you complain about DNA databases being a privacy violation and you don't propose a solution, people will reasonably assume you are likely in favor of some kind of government regulation of such databases. Maybe you're not! Which is why I suggested perhaps you had some non-statist solutions in mind.

Do you disagree about the cultural context of claiming that something is a privacy violation?

PAS at 7:35 PM on November 17, 2018 | #11384 | reply | quote

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