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Jordan Peterson is a Traitor

Jordan Peterson has signed up with the Creative Arts Agency. CAA is a big lefty media company which represents famous names like Joe Biden, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and David Beckham. Peterson is officially a CAA speaker who you can book on the CAA website. CAA has a "social responsibility" page with the kind of attitude that Jordan Peterson got popular for opposing:

Diversity & Inclusion

More diverse voices, from diverse backgrounds, provide a richer and better experience for audiences worldwide. CAA has long focused on ensuring that historically underrepresented groups within the talent community are assured equal opportunity for success. To this end, we have created events, workshops and conferences to help generate opportunities – and address the challenges – for emerging and established talent; conducted research and reported findings on the correlation between diversity and business success; focused on increasing the diversity of our own client base; and advocated directly with marketplace buyers on the value of diverse voices.

In case you don't know what Peterson used to say about ideas like these, here's an example:

Jordan Peterson - Diversity, Inclusivity & Equity. I'll transcribe the first 16 seconds of the video:

And here are the hallmarks I think of the pathological left. I think that if someone is pushing this quaternity on you then you should be very suspicious of them in every possible way, and you should resist it as much as you possibly can.

On screen you can see a slide with the "quaternity" he's talking about. It reads:

The Unholy Trinity (plus one)

  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • White Privilege

It also has an image labelled "EQUALITY vs EQUITY" with some people (drawn as not much more than stick figures) with their arms raised, and it has a "DIE" bullet point nested under "EQUITY" on the list of 4.

Less than a year ago, Jordan Peterson was a vocal opponent of diversity, inclusivity and equality propaganda. He said to resist it as much as you possibly can. Now he's signed up with a lefty agency with a hallmark diversity and inclusion statement.

Before publicly signing with CAA, Peterson tweeted that:

If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down.

This extreme-left, partisan statement alienated tons of Peterson's fans. The complaints were so vocal that Peterson wrote a long semi-apology, semi-retraction that made excuses.

This all goes to show that Jordan Peterson should not have been invited to the Objectivist Conference. (The link is the video I made analyzing the conference video and arguing that he shouldn't have been invited.)

Previously I had criticized Peterson as an intellectual: for disinterest in addressing criticism, for his new book being lightweight crap full of bullshit appeals to "science", for his mistaken views on antidepressants and for being a second hander. I also liked some of his work and wrote some positive things about him, so it's a shame that he's betrayed his former self that I partly liked. My favorite Jordan Peterson material is his psychology lectures, particularly the analysis of The Lion King and Pinocchio.

Hat tip, Roosh. I found out about the CAA deal from Roosh's podcast. The podcast also gives a good summary of what happened with the Brett Kavanaugh tweet. Roosh says that working for CAA basically means having a handler who tells you some things you can't say, and in return you get to make more money.

Elliot Temple on November 1, 2018

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Jordan Peterson Exposed (CAA Owen Benjamin)


Anonymous at 6:17 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11333 | reply | quote

Benjamain knows his shit. This video on his own channel talks about Alinsky and some more CAA handler stuff.


Anonymous at 6:39 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11334 | reply | quote

Owen Benjamin defends Jews. Good points. See the first few minutes of this video:

> Jordan Peterson in the Belly of the Whale - Owen Benjamin


Benjamin says the IDW put him on the website, tried to include him, and he rejected it. He is a former JP fan.


> 131 Jordan Peterson empowers a mob, Kavanagh gets confirmed, and music!!


Anonymous at 6:57 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11335 | reply | quote

Vox Day on Peterson:



Around 7min he talks about how the highest IQ people are weeded out of stuff b/c they are disruptive (not obedient followers, do things in different ways, don't always follow orders). Says the most successful people have 120-130 to IQ, avg IQ for Cambridge professors is 130, police don't want ppl over around 110-115 IQ.

And says there's huge problems communicating between people who are over 30 IQ points apart, the dumber ppl can't follow the smarter stuff.

I'm not totally comfortable with this stuff but it's partly kinda right.

Also I think he's exaggerating about knowing two 175 IQ people. 175 IQ is around around 1 in 3.5 million people rarity.

I think it's good that some people talk about IQ. It shouldn't be so taboo.

Anonymous at 7:55 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11336 | reply | quote


Charles Tew edited a recent Jordan Peterson discussion video down to show how empty it is.

Anonymous at 8:04 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11338 | reply | quote


> and it's very clear that they don't believe everything that they say that they believe when they're on camera. A lot of them just don't believe. they're just actors, they're actors, I don't know how else to put it.

Owen Benjamin said something similar. He was saying how he'd tell some politically incorrect joke, and his CAA handlers and some of his buddies would take it badly, and he'd be like "look at me and tell with you don't think that's funny", because he knows them as people and knows they actually agree with him about that particular thing.

> Had one person who I went on their show and I was in the greenroom, which is like the makeup room before you go on camera, the host of this show comes in, and it's like hey Blair you know small talk, hey Blair I wanted you on for a while, so glad you're here, nice to meet you, let's take a picture. They pull me aside and say I just want you to know Blair, I don't feel any negative way towards you or trans people. I know we talked about trans people a lot on the show, but that's just because it's kind of what the fans want, it's just kind of where we're at right now. And I was taken aback because I felt like that's really fraudulent, that you would feel the need to go on air and say something negative about trans people or transgender and some or whatever but it's not really how you feel. He also said he has like a trans cousin or something like that and that he feels bad that they're the butt of every joke on his show or whatever, but almost every person I met after him was almost always consistently like that. You start learning things like, oh almost all of them hire people to tweet and Facebook posts and Instagram on their behalf, tweeting out opinions on their behalf , which I feel like is unethical because if people were following you because they believe you're some intellectual and they trust your opinion and they're gonna shape their opinions a lot of times on an issue based on your opinion and it's not even actually your opinion! It's something you paid someone to assume as your opinion and you're so much of a rigid, like, a binary thinker, that it's easy just to pay someone to tweet out the standard response and this is what it's like.


> I don't respect that. I don't really know what it is about me in particular that makes people feel comfortable to sort of reveal to me that they don't believe all the things that they say they believe on camera. And I'm not talking about small things either, you guys, I'm talking about like huge principal positions. I'm talking about like the kind of stuff that a lot of you guys follow these people for they don't even actually believe. It's just crazy. Months ago I was gearing up to do a tour which never happened because the tour company completely screwed me over, but regardless, I had started promoting it and someone who's very prominent in the social political commentary sphere hit me up, and you know, what this person told me, they told me to plant fake protesters outside of your event. Not only that, they said make fake signs because you're probably gonna get protesters but you want to amp the numbers. This person instructed me, or my team and myself to make signs saying things that were super, super ridiculous to put outside and bulk up the numbers of people who may protest. And it made me sick because clearly this person has done that and this is someone who, although hated by many, is also loved by many, and many who let him believe that all those people were real.

there is a power structure, the elite ruling class, putting on a show for the plebs, the mob, the workers.

and a lot of people who believe something like that, they turn to the left. but the elite is left dominated! you know what's not a ruling elite today? who doesn't have the support of the media and hollywood and soros? blue collar christians. trump voters. and, of course, *real "classical" liberals* – Objectivists, austrian economists, the people who care about the ideas which originally freed society from the shackles of kings and lords.

Anonymous at 8:12 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11339 | reply | quote


When he was 14, Jordan Peterson wanted to be the head politician. So he said at an NDP event (New Democratic Party) and got in the news for.

and Vox Day on Gab:


> I'm not going to pretend that I don't find this extremely amusing, or that I did not anticipate this result when Andrew Torba refused to remove libel, pornography, and fake rape photoshops from his site at my request. As I said more than a year ago, Torba lacks the temperament and the detachment required to run a company, particularly in testing times such as these.

And he has some good points, in that post, about how stuff like this, and all the "terms of service" and EULA crap, and software as a service, is an attack on property and contract.

Anonymous at 8:18 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11340 | reply | quote


> Then they came for YouTube

> And there was no one to defend it from the censors, because YouTube had already censored or suppressed everyone with the inclination to fight.

> > YouTube’s CEO has urged creators on the popular video site to organize against a proposed EU internet regulation, reinforcing fears that the infamous Article 13 could lead to content-killing, meme-maiming restrictions on the web.


Anonymous at 8:31 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11343 | reply | quote

> I Was Wrong About Jordan Peterson (And Vox Day Was Right)


The thing about Peterson, from my perspective, is that *all* the intellectuals are badly wrong and don't have Paths Forward. And the critics are like that too: Vox Day, Charles Tew, Owen Benjamin, Roosh V, C.B. Robertson (the guy linked in this comment) ... they too are wrong about major things and don't have Paths Forward either. They are better than JP in some ways, but not a particular way: they don't have *positive contributions to good ideas* to compete with JP – they have less useful info to teach me. I will readily admit JP got a bunch of ideas from Jung (and from the Gulag Archipelago and some other places), rather than inventing them himself, but still he merits some credit for finding some good ideas and sharing some of them in some modern, accessible ways. These other people are OK, and perhaps better on average, but they don't have as high a peak value to offer, IMO. However, JP is never going to come anywhere near his old peaks in his new material. 12 Rules is super dumbed down in addition to actually being scientifically false and unscholarly. Besides shifting left, JP's been going more mainstream, more getting along with people and networking, and less eccentric intellectual. RIP.

Anonymous at 8:56 PM on November 1, 2018 | #11344 | reply | quote

It's such a shame, really. Peterson will help more and more people. He'll change the world as he already has. Curi will become more and more obscure, angry and cultish. He turns everyone friendly into an enemy, eventually. Now he's basically a peninsula where his cult congregates to listen to the guru. But eventually he'll be an island and have no one alive to help but himself. And yet, all along, he was the one who needed help most and rejected it all. RIP.

Anonymous at 4:07 PM on December 19, 2018 | #11476 | reply | quote

#11476 Curi needs Jordan: https://youtu.be/eMo_20J1J1Y It’s almost like he’s speaking direct to Temple.

Anonymous at 4:43 AM on December 20, 2018 | #11479 | reply | quote


Except the evidence contradicts you. Curi’s folllwing is growing not dwindling.

Anonymous at 9:52 AM on December 22, 2018 | #11482 | reply | quote

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