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Am I a globalist? I thought I was because I want global free trade, though I never really used the word or cared about it. I want businesses to operate internationally instead of having a bunch of borders hampering commerce. That's part of (classical) liberalism and free trade! I'm not much of a nationalist. I think all human beings are created equal and I want social cooperation to be escalated, via the market mechanisms, to the whole globe.

So I've been uncomfortable when hearing some right wing people say how they are nationalists and the left are evil globalists.

I still think they're partly wrong, but I realized the word "globalist" is ambiguous. Part of what they mean is something that, of course, I do oppose: one global government, one power structure controlling the globe like a much more powerful United Nations.

I am, of course, an individualist which is, in a way, the exact opposite of a globalist.

I think human cooperation and interaction are great – as long as it's free. I want good things, like free market, the internet and educational materials, to have global reach and availability. But I don't want global government or global power. I want power and force to be distributed, decentralized, and no one to have a monopoly. Even the U.S., my favorite country, I wouldn't want to actually rule the world.

I'm still not interested in calling myself a globalist or anti-globalist. Why use the term? I didn't find it useful even before I clearly identified this particular ambiguity.

Elliot Temple on November 1, 2018

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Existing international institutions like the EU and the UN suck. They aren't really accountable to anyone but get to make rules and dispose of resources anyway. International projects backed by governments should be limited in scope to activities that can legitimately involve the use of force, like military alliances. Plastic bags, shower heads and stuff like that are none of the government's business and unaccountable international institutions should be told to fuck off if they try to make rules on those topics


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Related to your discussion: here Dr. Yoram Hazony also argues against one world government.


Richard at 10:09 AM on November 4, 2018 | #11346 | reply | quote

Are you okay with China becoming a superpower because of freetrade?

FF at 11:44 AM on November 7, 2018 | #11350 | reply | quote

Steve Bannon | Full Address and Q&A


He doesn't seem to like capitalism. He is speaking the words of the left.

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Twitter is banned in China so somebody made this


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