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Use RSS to Subscribe to Blogs

RSS feeds let you get updates when a website has new stuff. You can subscribe to sites you're interested in and then get notifications about new material instead of checking for it yourself. This works especially well with sites that don't update often.

You should subscribe to my feeds:

You need an RSS Reader app. I like Vienna, a free open source Mac app. There are many others, e.g. BazQux is a web app that my friend likes.

Many apps will let you import RSS feeds instead of adding them all yourself. Download some of my subscriptions to get started. After importing, you can delete whatever you don't want.

You should also sign up for my free Critical Fallibilism emails.

Most blogs and similar sites have RSS feeds. Usually you can use their home page and the RSS app will find the correct feed URL for you. You can also subscribe to a YouTube channel or podcast.

Don't rely on getting all your info from social media sites. Don't just read whatever's in your Facebook, Twitter or Reddit feed. Choose and subscribe to some sites yourself.

Elliot Temple on September 3, 2020

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On a related note, it's useful to have an app like




to save articles/links in to read later.

curi at 10:35 AM on September 3, 2020 | #17775 | reply | quote

I'm trying Vienna.


I wanted to try Instapaper too. But I got to this:

Can Instapaper see passwords you type in to other sites? That would not be good.

I tried searching “instapaper permissions” and “why does instapaper want to see my passwords”.

I found this:


> There are many reasons why certain pages aren't accessible offline or in Text view. The most common:

> The page requires a login. The Instapaper server must fetch a copy of the page without knowing your username, password, or session details. Pages such as Gmail messages or travel itineraries generally can't be reached without logging in, so Instapaper cannot access them for offline saving.

This implies that Instapaper doesn’t know your passwords. Why would they want permission to read them and then not know them?

Anne B at 2:54 AM on September 9, 2020 | #17943 | reply | quote

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